Man. Genius. Legend. These are words that do not describe SammyHill, who is authoring Deloreanwiki.com. His goal is to have a buncha buncha buncha Delorean VINS and other information.

What this site is:
Fun stories, educational history and photos on Delorean Cars.

What this site is not:
An owner's directory. I don't include UNALTERED owner's names unless:
1) I know them
2) I haven't met them, but I've communicated with them frequently and they've already plastered their ownership all over the web
3) The owner was notorious, like a criminal or celebrity

DeloreanWiki is free for all to use. I make nothing and ask for no money to run and collate information. It is strictly a labor of love for the community and brand. I collect information from a variety of sources and compile it here for the research/educational/instructional purposes of the community. DeloreanWiki relies on the Fair Use doctrine of Federal copyright law to store images for historical purposes.

•If you find a photograph on this site that you own and do not want used on this site, please email me your name and claim to the offending photo in order to have it removed.•

Please help by submitting info and pics on your VIN. Whatever you'd like. Then it'll be here for posterity!


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